Unleash Potential, Maximize Profits:
The B.A.R.S. Method


Crafted by Chris Baker and Al Ruttan, The BARS Method is your 8-week transformative journey to elevate your business. Embrace the power of Behaviours + Actions = Results & Success and watch your business soar to new heights in profitability, team engagement, and customer loyalty.

Navigate the Path to Excellence with Precision and Passion

Introducing The BARS Method

This isn't just a program; it's a strategic partnership with creators Al Ruttan and Chris Baker to reshape your business’s destiny. Gain crystal-clear clarity on your current position, envision your future success, and align your team's values with actionable strategies that deliver real results.

Empower Your Business with Measurable Growth

Precision in Performance

Grasp the critical importance of KPIs tailored to your unique business needs. With The BARS Method, you'll implement measurement systems that not only track progress but also reveal opportunities for unmatched growth.

Forge a Thriving Culture with The BARS Method

Company Culture Revolution

Al and Chris guide you through cultivating a dynamic company culture. By integrating team dynamics, recognition, and communication styles, The BARS Method fosters a workplace where everyone is aligned with the company’s mission.

Envisioning a Future Crafted by You

Redefine Your Impact

Solidify your business identity with a compelling mission, vision, and values statement that reflects your ambition. The BARS Method helps you measure the impact and infuse these principles into the very fabric of your company culture.

Strategic Prioritization for Peak Performance

Efficiency and Effectiveness Elevated

Leverage the 80/20 rule and master delegation with The BARS Method's systematic approach to prioritization and goal setting. Your business will operate with newfound efficiency, allowing you to focus on what truly drives success.

Grow, Scale, and Sustain with The ACR Framework

The ACR Framework: Attract, Convert, Retain

Al and Chris' unique ACR framework becomes your growth mantra. Attract the right clients and talent, convert them with your company's value, and retain them for a sustained business triumph.

Charting Your Course to Success

Blueprints for Breakthroughs

Under the guidance of The BARS Method, set ambitious, achievable goals with a robust 12-week plan. With continuous support from Al and Chris, turn your time into a resource that consistently delivers results.

Crafting Your Legacy Starts Here

Embark on Your Next Chapter

Reflect on your journey with The BARS Method as you prepare for the continuous evolution of your business. Beyond the 8-week program, Al and remain your allies, offering ongoing coaching to ensure that the choices you make today forge your successful tomorrow.

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"Start your journey with The BARS Method—where your actions today define your success tomorrow."

* results cannot be guaranteed, however can be greatly increased if you follow the process and put in the work!